• Type T5500 Stainless Steel (127.93427230047%)

    Type T5500 Stainless Steel

Type T5500 Stainless Steel


The Ashcroft® T5500 stainless steel pressure gauge has become an industry standard. Providing high reliability, versatility and performance, it proves an ideal product for satisfying many applications and installation requirements.


Key Features:


All-stainless steel movement

Easily adjusted micrometer pointer

Socket welded to case

PLUS!™ Performance (option) dampens vibration, shock and pulsation effects; provides liquid-fill performance in a dry gauge



Accuracy: ±1% full scale (class 1); optional 0.5% full scale

Pressure Ranges: Vacuum to 30,000 psi

Dial size: 100mm (4") and 160mm (6")

Bourdon tube / socket: 316L stainless steel or monel

Case material / style: Stainless steel; T5500 (open front)

IP65 (dry) or IP66 (liquid-filled or hermetically-sealed)


The T5500 pressure gauge is ideal where stable, pressure measurement is essential:


Process Market:

Offshore Oil Rigs

Chemical and Petrochemical Plants


Pulp and Paper


Industrial Market:

Machine Equipment

Specialized OEM Equipment


Medical and Life Sciences:

Food and Beverage



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